Friday, February 22, 2008

IHE Initialization phase is done

I've finished the 3 week initialization phase and live to talk about it. I've been to base camp 3 on Mt. Everest and have determined my climbing days are over. There was a time back in the early '80's when Everest was on my radar screen, but no more. It's unbelievable how hard it is to breathe at that altitude.

This is the io Program screen for week 3 that says "by the end of week 3 you reach base camp 3, 850 m below the summit of Mt. Everest..." I believe it!

One of the neat features of this system is the ability to surf the web and read your favorite blogs during your "training."

How do I feel so far, you ask? Fine. I think it's too early to say since I haven't pushed myself very hard, but that will change next weekend. My first XC race of 2008 is March 1st in St. George and maybe that will tell me something. I know for sure Leadville will answer the question.

I can say though that I did an interval workout yesterday and my power numbers were up by 20% over the last time I did the same workout and, my heart rate was down. Granted, my fitness has improved through my regular training schedule, but I am improving and my time on the bike is less than what it was this time last year.

Looks like a so-so weekend weatherwise so I hope to get back on the road. That trainer riding is getting my butt sore...

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