Saturday, January 31, 2009

A beautiful day for a hike

The temperature was perfect and the sky was clear, so I went outside and played in the mountains! Continuing with my cross training theme I decided to climb the hill at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. The goal was to reach the summit of what my kids call the "Toaster Towers". I've been told they're microwave towers that probably aren't being used anymore. Maybe someone can chime in and give a little historical background.

I went solo with a fanny pack, my ancient plastic ice climbing boots and telescopic ski poles. The nice thing about solo is I can get in my groove and move at my own pace. I got to the top in 1:37 and climbed 2220 feet. Coming down took about 55 minutes. I took it easy to protect my knee and had no problems at all. Excellent day :-)

Thought I'd try an artsey-fartsey shot.

The path was well defined for 3/4 of the climb/hike.

The orange lichen on the gray rock looked real cool.

Another artsey shot. I know, don't quit my day job.

This peak was used as a fire observation post back in the day.

Graffiti even gets up to 8,000 feet.

Looking at downtown SLC with Antelope Island in the background.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funny Video

You've got to checkout this funny youtube video. It will lighten your day and bring a smile to your face. Pay attention to the clock in the lower left corner during the green car parking scene.


Camp Lynda Photos

I made it down for Day 2 and had a blast riding for 3+ hours. I was surprised I lasted that long. Cramps set in on my left leg (my right knee was the one that got fixed) at 1:50 riding time, but I was able to keep them under control. Mud was a minor issue at the start but it lasted only a few hundred yards. What would CL be without mud :-)

My bike performed splendidly and I am so pleased with the 29 wheel. Downhills are a blast and seem much smoother than before. Maybe it just a mental thing, but that's OK with me.

Got to get to works so here are a few memories.

The General and her trusty Lieutenant pointing the way. Stay out of the mud wee ones!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Must Turn the Corner

I'm rotting!

I've grown roots out of my butt into the sofa that has held me captive while watching 2 full seasons of Prison Break on DVD. My waist is looking like the Michelin Man and my legs are hairy. What has happened to me?

It seems I've let this knee thing get out of control and get the best of me, but, I've decided to fight back and take control of my life again. I pulled up the roots about 2 weeks ago and I'm feeling sparks of motivation again. I've ridden my trainer a few times, hiked on the golf course in the snow and started lifting weights. The bathroom scale staring at me each morning, and weighing this thing called a body still scare me. I'm dealing with the body, but the scale is going to have to wait.

This weekend was the break through I was looking for. Saturday, I rode outside for the first time since November 16th, on my road bike on a flat course, freezing my ass off, and it actually felt good. There is just something magical about a bicycle. The speed, the wind, the fresh air and the beautiful scenery all come together and boost my spirits.

After riding my less than challenging circuit, I went home and had a PB&J sandwich (that's good for the waist line :-)) and headed up to Mountain Dell golf course for an hours worth of track skiing. Two weeks ago I was gassed after 20 minutes - today's hour was non-stop. Yahoo!

Sunday I went back up to Mtn. Dell and skiied for 2 hours. I took a 1-2 minute break at the hour mark and finished off in fine style, for me that is. Track skiing is definately NOT my sport and is just a means to an end. I like how it taxes my whole body, especially the upper torso, lower back and butt. The down side is looking like a fool when EVERYONE on the course passes me. I guess there's the price to pay for fitness. Wait till we get back on the bike - I'll kick you ass you skating sissies!

So, the next step in my progression is Camp Lynda. I'm heading down Friday night and hope to ride parts of Saturday and Sunday and feed off the positive mojo CL exudes.

Don't count me out yet.