Sunday, June 8, 2008

Deer Valley

This must be the year where snow and rain want to get into the MTB scene. Ed Chauner was able to pull off the DV ICUP race, barely, in temps that ranged from 42 to 46 F, on a revised and shortened course. Because of all the recent rain and snow, the course was fast and tacky. We encountered a few water and mud obstacles, and a small patch of snow in one spot, but overall the course was in excellent shape. What was surprising was the large number of racers that showed up. It shows how popular this series is and is a testament to the excellent courses Ed designs and how well he runs things. Kudo, Ed.

My race went well with no missed turns or major mishaps. Since my group was cut to only 1 lap, I didn't have to worry about missing the 1/2 lap turn-off. I did see it when I passed it, so that made me feel good. My rear tire started loosing air with about 10 minutes to go, so I had to nurse my Element back to the finish, but I was able to hold on to 1st place over teamamte Bill Dark. Between Bill, Dwight and me, one of us has topped the podium in a 7 ICUP races so far this season. That's good...

After the race Team Mad Dog went to Paul Moote's home in Jeremy Ranch for a BBQ put on by Paul and his wife Judy. We had a fun time, ate burgers and dog and planned out the rest of the summer. What a fun bunch of guys and gals I get to hang with. They sure love to ride!

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