Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Blob!

This is what I found in my rear tire. It's a 35 gram, 4 inch long conglomerate of Stan's special sauce that was plugging the 1/4 tear in my sidewall. Yikes! Or, maybe it was just floating around looking to attack a goat head or other unwanted invader. It's now sitting on my treasures shelf, a testament to the sealing powers of Stan's.

Don't leave home without it.


StupidBike said...

I have had a few of those, um, it is not sealing anything anymore, it's time has passed into a crystal like rubberized version of it's former self

Brad Mullen said...

I'm sure this guy was just floating around and messing with my rhythm (lol).

Jay Dub said...

Ha, I had one of these on my bike (yes, on my bike, just some random place) and wondered what in the world it was.

Now I know.

My first foray into using Stans.