Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little Creek Mesa & 5-Mile Pass Photos

Just a few random photos from some recent rides. Little Creek Mesa is a super fun route south of Gooseberry that I rode after the Cholla Challenge in Hurricane. Kenny Jones was our tour guide and he did a fantastic job. The route has a lot of flow and just feels good. And there are technical sections that even the most skilled would be challenged to clean. I think it's more fun than Goosberry, if that's possible. Another cool feature is the trail follows the cliff edge for a long time and the possibility of taking a life ending fall is real. Kinda makes the butt pucker, in a good way.

The valley views are off the chart!

Bob Dawson finally got off the Single Speed Rigid and got some gears.

Kenny doing his thing. This is steeper than it looks.

This one was real steep too - it's a double pucker!

Dawson attempting the crux of the trail. Did he make it?

Three of the five graduating seniors on the Weber State University Women's Tennis team. Keya, my daughter MarKay and Alyssia. These girls have had a blast and have lived the college experience to it's fullest. Way to finish strong :-)

WSU Team photo with Coach Jonas.

The hike-a-bike section (Yellow Page Hill) of the 5-Mile Pass course. Maybe my memory is failing me but doesn't this look rockier than it was in 2008? That's Brittany and Garrett Kener doing the push.

This is on the descent after cresting 7-mile pass. It used to be real fast and smooth but it looks like rain and ATV traffic has dramatically altered the surface. There are 2 short sections like this and lots of fist sized rocks. Bring extra tubes!

This is the 1st of the two rutted sections.

Gotta get back to work. White Rim in a Day is coming up this weekend so I hope to get some good photos for next week.


StupidBike said...

Why would one, let alone groups, go ride 5 mile???

Ok, the Little Creek ride makes up for your transgression.

Brad Mullen said...

Stupid, huh! I really like dust, ATV's and sharp rocks. What can I say!