Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall in the Wastch

The weather the past week has just been nothing short of spectacular. We've enjoyed sunny days, clear sky's, no wind and temps in the 60's. You just can't ask for anything better. Sorry to sound politically incorrect, but, I'm digging this global warming stuff! The forecast for the next 7 days is more of the same. Ya Babeeee....

My MadDog buddies headed south to St. George this weekend and I stayed behind and rode the Wasatch. Saturday I rode Glen Wilde and Flying Dog with Kevin Nelson and Bob Dawson. I did the Single Speed thing and stayed in my 32x23 all day. I was suprised that I made it, and how much fun it was. I like the idea of not worrying about shifting! The descent off Flying Dog was just that. We flew down that thing! Swooping turns, nice little jumps and pump stretches that made the descent one to the best I've done in a long time. If time wasn't a factor I would have climbed up again just to come down it! We had a fantastic 2 hours and could not wipe the smiles off our collective faces. It was just perfect! We weren't the only ones taking advantage of the weather as the trail was packed with hikers, dogs and riders of all ages. It's so cool seeing folks getting off the couch and enjoying our great mountain trails.

Today Kevin and I hit the Shoreline Trail and rode from my house to City Creek Canyon. Weatherwise, it was a duplicate of yesterday and the riding was just as much fun. Again the trail was loaded with riders of all abilities, and disabilities. As I was talking to a father and son at the top of City Creek I noticed the teenager had a carbon fiber arm. It was a solid unit with no elbow or wrist joint and hollow in the center. It had a 3/4 pipe hook on the end that clamped on the handlebar and strapped on to his shoulder. I didn't ask about the circumstances that lead to him aquiring this high tech arm, but the kid was clearly enjoying himself and his disadvantage was not a factor to him. His dad was smiling too just being with his son. After I took their picture together standing behind their bikes, Kevin and I headed back home appreciating our good health and the wonderful place we live.

I can't wait for next weekend...

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