Saturday, May 17, 2008


You won't believe what I did today at the ICUP Soldier Hollow race. My race was going as planned, I was feeling very strong and sharp, climbing real well, no cramps and in the zone. Contrary to my normal routine, I didn't pre-ride cuz I thought I knew the course like the back of my hand, and after Hurricane, I didn't want to drain myself before the race. What wsa different for me is my group was to ride 1 full 9 mile lap and 1 - 12 and under 4 mile lap for a 13 mile total. I'm used to riding 2 full laps. Well, I did the 1st lap in fine style and had a several minute lead over teammate Bill Dark, and then it happened. I saw a couple of targets ahead of me at the top of the 1st grass climb and got myself all excited tinking aI could catch them before I had to turn off. I didn't think I could catch Westerman, but I did think Laura Patten was a possibility, so the race horse with blinders on kicked in, and the chase was on. I put my head down, cranked it up, and, I rode right past the 12 and under lap sign! I didn't even see it, and I thought I was looking for it. My engine was going full blast and I was picking off riders one-by-one and feelin strong. Laura was getting closer and I kept after her. When I got to the short hike-a-bike by the golf course, I caught her and asked if she knew where the 12and under lap was. She responded "it's way the heck back there. You passed it a long time ago." Crap!!! NOOOO, this can't be happening to me. So, I turned around and backtracked and found the damn sign, right where it was supposed to be. I kept the hammer down hoping I still had a chance, but I ended up in 3rd place. The only good thing is Bill took 1st, so two of us made the podium.

Part of my confusion was watching my odometer. The 12 and under lap is supposed to be 4 miles, but it is only 2.6. I was thinking the turnoff would be around 2 miles and didn't think to look real hard before then. My bad! As it turned out, my group actually rode 11.6 miles, not 13, and I put in 14.7 on my version of the course. That's really dumb on my part. But, like Bill said, that's racing.

I've learned my lesson and trust I won't have anymore senior moments in the heat of battle again. I will pre-ride the little loop from now on and, I won't get caught up in other category races, or try chasing down riders that are better than me.

Stupid, just plain stupid!


KC said...

that is a harsh learning experience. impressive results with the extra mileage.

Brad Mullen said...

Talk about impressive, look at you in the Pro Division - a big win and leading in the overall points. Ya da one!