Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday Night Series

Last night was the first race of the Soldier Hollow/Sundance weekly series. Because it was so well attended, there was a bit of an issue and back log during the sign-up, but it got worked out and nobody got hurt. Mountain bikers are a very patient lot. Now that we have our numbers, the lines should get faster and everybody will be happy.

I haven't done this series for a few years, but after last night, I'm looking forward to riding a lot of the races. They are short and intense, just what I need for a weekly interval session. The competition is great and the SH ICUP course was in the best shape I've ever seen it. Unlike Sherwood Hills, this course is fast and most of the moisture is gone. I imagine it will be a bit dusty Saturday as the race progresses, but that beats the mud.

Yesterday was a first for me because I raced my SS Rig. And, I did it in the expert class, did not finish DLF and I didn't blow up. That makes the race a success. I have to say I'm running a wimpy 32x21 on my 29er compared to Brad Keyes who runs a 16or 17!!! I can barely push that on the flats, let alone on a climb.

The Rig was fun but this was the first time I've really pushed it hard, and it showed. I'm not used to the big tires, or the hardtail, so I'm going to have to make adjustments. Braking is slower and I over shot several (many, many) corners. The cool thing is the big tires just plow right over the scrub oak and sage brush. Anyway, I had fun and am looking forward to many more races and improving my technique and time. Stay tuned...

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