Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Progress Report

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and got my stitches out. The doc said I can resume all activities and let pain be my guide. I should expect the swelling to decreased over the next 2-3 weeks and my range of motion should be back to normal shortly. There is still a little tightness below the knee cap, but everywhere feels fine.

So, armed with those words of encouragment I decided to give my trainer a short 5-10 minute spin after dinner and see what would come of it. To my surprise my knee felt great. I had good flexibility and no pain. I rode my fixie in tennis shoes, with no resistance and at a slow pace. No heart rate monitor and no agenda except to just see if I could do it. The trainer felt so good that afterward I decided to do a little resistance work just to get my leg muscles working again. My thigh and calf have shrunk a little and that makes my wrinkly skin look that much wrinklier (is that a word?). That went well too and after applying ice for 30 minutes afterwards, I was good to go and happy to be back at it again.

That was before I went to bed. Ouch!!! At 2:45am I was awakened by a very sharp intense pain in my knee. Damn! I hobbled out of bed and couldn't straighten my knee or put weight on that leg. Fortunately, after a few minutes the pain became tolerable and I hopped back in bed, albeit I was a little discouraged. I guess my wife was right - I was a big dumb ass for doing what I did. She actually said that while I was riding. How unthoughtful of her. I should check to see if she has a voodoo doll hidden somewhere.

Well, 12 hours have passed and my knee feels fine. Although there is a little discomfort, I'm on the mend and all is well. By tomorrow it should be back to "post-op normal" and I will give the trainer a go again, but, I'm staying away from the resistance stuff for awhile.

So, a lesson was learned and I'm going to get back at it very gradually. That means going to Moab on Dec 19th with the Mad Dog guys/gals is out and Camp Lynda most likely will be my first significant ride of the year. I'm sure looking forward to that.


Dave Harris said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend, new knee and all. Keep an eye out for voodoo dolls.

Looking forward to seeing you down here in Jan!

Lynda Wallenfels said...

Take it easy on yourself Brad! Heal carefully so we can have lots of fun at Camp Lynda.

Brad Mullen said...

2-Epic, I'll be careful cuz I don't want to miss to miss THE CAMP. I hit the trainer for 10 minutes last night but left out the resistance work and all is well this morning. Fun is on the way...