Thursday, January 29, 2009

Camp Lynda Photos

I made it down for Day 2 and had a blast riding for 3+ hours. I was surprised I lasted that long. Cramps set in on my left leg (my right knee was the one that got fixed) at 1:50 riding time, but I was able to keep them under control. Mud was a minor issue at the start but it lasted only a few hundred yards. What would CL be without mud :-)

My bike performed splendidly and I am so pleased with the 29 wheel. Downhills are a blast and seem much smoother than before. Maybe it just a mental thing, but that's OK with me.

Got to get to works so here are a few memories.

The General and her trusty Lieutenant pointing the way. Stay out of the mud wee ones!

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Grizzly Adam said...

'twas a great day on the bike. Let's do it again soon!