Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great Weekend

I rode my single speed with Craig Carlson and a long time friend Mitch Cocorinis on Saturday and had a blast. We rode 24/7 to Flying Dog and down the east side of FD to Glen Wild. The trail was in excellent condition, although some of the "downhill" dudes were idoits. They have no idea that uphill traffic has the right of way, dude! There should be an open season on those kinds of "dudes."

This morning, Garret & Brittany Kener and I hit the Shoreline trail over to City Creek Canyon. Like yesterday, trail conditions were excellent and the weather could not have been better. We ran in to Shannon, Jen, Tyler and BSaf (and another guy but I forgot his name - sorry) and enjoyed a short recap of last Saturday's P2P race. Everyone was still glowing about the event and were already excited about the 2011 edition. I don't expect them to top this years cuz it was over the top excellent. But I know they'll try.

Yesterday was my 1st day back in the saddle since last Saturday's race, and I felt great. Transitioning to the single speed and hardtail is going to take some time since my upper body is a little weak right now, and my legs to! I was happy that I cleaned the rock garden, switchback and steep climb in Dry Creek and Cardiac Hill (?) on the way over to the Bobsled. I rode behind Garrett and he always knew where I was cuz I was huffing and puffing like a locomotive. Those climbs are steep! Weekend total, 4:13 ride time, 38 miles, 4,820 climbing - not bad for a single speed.

Last weeks race was an epiphany of sorts for me. My gps died about 2 hours before the finish and I had to ride "by myself" without the aid of an electronic device. And I liked it. Both rides this weekend were sans HRM and I liked it even more. So, I'm seriously thinking about riding the 24 hours of Moab and training and racing in 2011, by "feel" and see where that takes me. I reserve the right to change my mind cuz I'm sure I'll start to panic and fall back to my crutch, but at least I'm thinking outside the box right now. Time will tell.

Enjoy the fall riding, it is an excellent time to be on the trails. And Jessica, keep it going :-)

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