Monday, March 31, 2008

Rim Ride Followup

I'm still all stoked from the ride on Saturday and can't focus on work. So, I'll just rationalize the day away and read everyones blogs and relive the wonderful experience all over again. I've borrowed and few more pictures and added links to some good reads. They all give a good taste of how the day unfolded and what goes on in the mind during group rides like this.

That's Monitor and Merrimac in the background. God's Country!!!

Tom Purvis posted a great account of his and Adam Lisonbee's epic adventure that you must read. I also swiped this pic of the Soverign Trail from Tom's blog.

To my surprise, my legs really feel good and most body parts are fine. The exception is my index and driving fingers on both hands are sore and swollen. It must be the constant death grip I had on my Ergon grips and those damn XTR paddle shifters.

Here's a few pics I took on Sunday.

Can't get enough of Monitor and Merrimac.

Spring has sprung in the desert. No cactus blooms yet, as far as I could see.

While on a shake down ride Friday my fork mounted bottle cage fell off. And that was on the tame Klondike Bluffs trail. I went into town and bought 2 automotive hose clamps, cranked 'em down and went off to the backcountry. While on the Blue Dot Trail I hit a Cedar tree with the cage that stopped dead in my tracks and the clamps held. The cage moved an inch and nothing broke. Don't send a boy to do a man's job - use hose clamps.

Can you believe 6 inches of snow on Monday!

I've got to stop this nonsense and get to work... I am totally screwed up today!


Lynda Wallenfels said...

The level of difficulty you have assimilating into the real world post experience is always a sign of a tremendous one. I'm slowly gliding back to earth myself

Anonymous said...

I hear you man. Its been a couple weeks since me and Kenny did that ride and I'm still all worked up about it. Loved it. cant wait to back. nice pics and thoughts.