Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bicycling Mag Leadville Article

Bicycling Magazine has a good article on the race that unfolding well in front of me at Leadville. By the time I finished, those guys were well into nap/beer time. Next year I'll kick their asses...

Here's an excerpt; "Floyd has been sticking mostly to the road to build his endurance and get in the maximum number of miles, but he did recently ride the Leadville racecourse with Kloser, a Colorado extreme-scene and adventure racing legend. He said the course was harder than he expected and likened it to a 150-mile mountain stage of the Tour de France because of the super-steep nature of some of the climbs."This is not the kind of race you just show up for and ride," he said. "Unless you are in really good shape, and even if you are, you are going to suffer on that course.""

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