Saturday, August 11, 2007

Leadville 100 a Success

I finished this bear of a race in 10:02 and in the top 25 out of 127 in my age group. I really wanted to finish under 10 hours, but, given how I wanted to quit during the 2 mile hike-a-bike to the 12,600 foot summit, and the thought at that time that just finishing in the 12 hour limit my be difficult, I can live with that.

Floyd Landis raced and came in 2nd less than 2 minutes behind the winner. He passed me coming down the fire road from the 12,600 aid station at 10:22 am and finished over 3 hours faster than me. So, I finally got to race a Tour de France winner and got toasted by 3 hours in just 100 miles! How’s that for humble pie.

This race had long stretches of undulating asphalt and dirt roads and incredibly steep single track climbs that looked from a distance, like a death march. Most people don’t push their 25# bikes uphill very quickly and when they top out, usually their eyes are rolling in their sockets! One of the silver linings I’m taking away from today is I passed 84 riders during the final 24 miles, but, I ended up in the medical tent for my effort. They gave me oxygen and cold sponges to lower my high body temperature and soup to replace the salt imbalance that was causing me to tremble and act a little incoherent. I must say that the support for this race was absolutely incredible. From the day before the race to the volunteers on course and in the transition areas, it was absolutely 1st class service. Hands down, by far the best race ever.

I’ve got to drive to downtown and hook up to their WiFi and get this published so that’s it for now. I’m ready for a good night sleep…


KC said...

brad--you are a stud. Nicely done.

Brad Mullen said...

Thanks KC. You and Chris will tear this course up next year. I'm looking forward to being there with you guys. Congrats on your 2nd place Pro ICUP finish, you studette.