Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ay-Up LED Lights

I got the conservative Titanium finish. Probably would get a different color for the helmet since the difference in lens design is difficult to detect in the dark.

I mounted the 6-hour battery under the stem. It seems way solid and is easy to remove. I can still fit my gps on the stem with the battery mounting strap in place. Nice!

Both lights are independently adjustable so I can fiddle with them on the fly when the terrain suggests a change. Nice again.

As you can see the whole handlebar system doesn't take up much space and it's so light I don't even notice it's there. I have yet to take them out on a hard ride, but I did ride around Red Butte Gardens and even with the ambient city light it was very bright. Should be most excellent for 24 Hours of Moab and 25 Hours at Frog Hollow, both of which will be ridden with no moon.

I bought the V4 Adventure Series package.


ER Dad said...

Welcome to the AY UP converts. Carson, Scott and I invested last year and they've been awesome! Stay tuned for a CC night ride event coming up. Should we only invite the AY UP believers?

Brad Mullen said...

If you guys have these lights, I made a good choice. Let me know when you ride CC.